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27 Jun

This is the very first post for this blog, so I would like to make it snazzy and cool and engaging. However, I’m not really sure what to I should first write about. There are a lot of things in my mind, and I have hundreds of things I want to share.

Now that I think about it, though, it will be most beneficial if I start with a good introduction of what this blog will offer to you, my dear readers.

MyAsianLove: A Closer Look at Southeast Asia

I’ll be honest here and say that I haven’t gone to every country in Southeast Asia. In fact, I’m still planning my first out-of-the-country trip and working on getting my visa. That doesn’t mean, however, that my love for Southeast Asian things is less than those who have gone on multiple trips. I’m actually confident to say that my burning passion for them is as intense as the blazing sun’s fire.

That said, let me give a rundown of the things you can expect to find in my upcoming blog posts:

Drama and Movie Reviews and Mini Recaps

I’m a big drama and movie lover. I watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Mainland China dramas as well as movies. For movies, I might also review some from Thailand every now and then. For Mainland China dramas, though, I will be sticking with wuxia–the kind of drama that involves a hero, is generally set in ancient times, and includes martial art fights. Yes, that’s certainly my kind of thing.

Just so it’s clear: Reviews will usually be quite long as they will present summaries, character introductions, my own critiques or analysis, and other comments. Recaps, on the other hand, will be shorter since they will only include summaries and comments. That is to say, with recaps, specifically mini recaps, I’ll be assuming that you’re already familiar with the drama or movie’s setting and characters and you’re just not sure what happened. I intend to create mini recaps for dramas, but I might occasionally use them for movies as well.

If I get the time and motivation, I might even end up reviewing older movies by Jet Li, too, so if you also happen to be his fan, you will have some thing to really look forward to. 😀

Music and Singers

Asian music often sound so soothing, and that calming music is what I want to share in this blog. That said, I’ll be sharing songs, instrumentals, as well as drama and movie tracks that I believe will feel soothing and be of interest to you. I will also be giving the spotlight to specific singers and groups.


This is the one thing I can’t ever forget to include. I love to eat, and my being a picky eater won’t stop me from trying new things at least once. From appetizers to main dishes to desserts, you will surely find some mouthwatering Asian and Asianized (I hereby coin this term for anything that did not originate in Asia but recreated to have that Asian feel) dishes that will certainly be a hit to virtually everyone you know. I’m using the word “virtually” just because different people have different tastes and some food, regardless of how delicious they are, will still not appeal to certain types of people.


I draw and write, and I want you, dear reader, to get inspiration from these things, too. I’m not a perfect artist and writer, and I won’t claim to be one, but I certainly have some ideas or knowledge that might help you with regard to drawing and writing better. To help you more, I’ll also be featuring different artists, both in digital and traditional media, and writers who are Asian or are creating a buzz in Asia.

Current Events

From politics to inventions to new gadgets–any news that I believe is worth sharing, I will be sharing. 🙂

Sneak Peak

Want to know what the next couple of posts will be about? Well, here are some pictures to enlighten you! 😀

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